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What is raw chocolate?

Cacao (ka·cow) is the raw, unprocessed form of chocolate.  Raw chocolate is not heated above 42 degrees centigrade, this is to maintain the wealth of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals within this beautiful superfood. Cacao is full of magnesium, calcium, sulphur, zinc, iron, copper, potassium, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B9, E and heaps of antioxidants which help defend your cells from damage.

Is our product gluten free?


Simply, yes! Pure chocolate is made from cacao beans, which are gluten-free. Our chocolate truffles are made from pure organic cacao powder and cacao butter and other natural non grain organic ingredients and hence are all gluten free. 

Do we use palm oil?


Definitely no! For a long time now as a family we have not used palm oil. This was inspired by hearing terrible news of reduced natural habitats for gorillas and big wild cats to make way for more and more palm oil plantations. 

Why organic chocolate truffles?​

We create the healthiest and most natural chocolate truffles possible that combines exquisite taste and keeping the goodness of the natural ingredients whilst being environmentally conscious. We feel sourcing organic ingredients was the best place to to start! We are certified with the Soil Association, and have a yearly thorough inspection, giving our customers peace of mind. 

What sweetener do you use?

We choose a combination of coconut blossom sugar, maple syrup and cashew nuts to create a sweetness in our ganache and use coconut blossom sugar for our delightfully rich dark chocolate coating. In our salted caramel truffle we use dates to give them that delicious caramelly flavour.

The use of a coconut blossom sugar allows us to temper the chocolate which gives it that crisp and shiny look with a delightful chocolate snap! We tried a range of liquid sweeteners but this creates a softer chocolate.

Also after much research and sifting through the conflicting evidence, we choose coconut blossom sugar because:

1)    Coconut blossom sugar comes from a natural source, the sap of the coconut palm. This sap circulates through the tree in a similar way to maple syrup.

2)    Compared to granulated sugar and high-fructose corn syrup, coconut sugar has higher levels of iron, zinc, and calcium, according to research. Also, coconut blossom sugar contains trace amounts of phytonutrients and antioxidants, such as polyphenols, flavonoids, and anthocyanidin.

3)   Coconut blossom sugar may have less impact on blood glucose levels.

While coconut blossom sugar is less refined and has more nutrients, I do try to use it sparingly and mix in other naturally sweet ingredients where flavours permit.

Does your chocolate contain cholesterol?

According to nutritional information on Google, chocolate contains 8mg of cholesterol per 100g. There seems to be a lot of research purporting the benefits of dark chocolate for health is a good example. 

Our ethics and sustainability

Where do you source your cacao from?


We source a number of our ingredients, including our cacao butter and powder, from Tree Harvest an ethical supplier of raw ingredients.

The Peruvian cacao we use is cultivated by small farmer co-operatives in the Andes, Peru. The Criolla variety is considered to be “the king of cacao” because it is the most ancient - it is not a hybrid - and produces high quality beans of fine flavours and aromas constituting an important percentage in the production of fine chocolate. Minimum possible processing is used with this bean, applying low fermentation and low temperature without roasting, by means of unique methods to maintain its natural purity and quality.

The important principles behind the Peruvian Co-operative, which both Tree-Harvest and we at Roar for Chocolate supports, is that they work based on: 

  1. quality rather than quantity,  

  2. diversity, fostering Andean mega-biodiversity, not homogenization,

  3. promoting an organic system of production, 

  4. income distribution among the people that participate as suppliers, transformers, and traders, and

  5. social responsibility, following the principles of fair trade. 


Where do you source your cashews from?

Our organic white cashew nuts are fairly traded from the beautiful island of Flores and are cold cracked. The Cashew nut project on the island of Flores upholds the belief, that "only when benefits are intentionally and mutually shared in both directions from producer to consumer and back again, can the highest quality produce be attained".  We source this amazing product from Tree Harvest, an ethical supplier of raw ingredients.

Where do you source your coconut blossom sugar from?

The organic coconut blossom sugar is supplied by a producer in the Philippines who has built an organic coconut farm in the pristine and fertile countryside of General Santos. Having observed the local production of coconut sugar and syrup, he saw the need for better production materials and equipment to ensure the highest health and sanitation standards. He employs local farmers and workers who know the land and crops. We source this amazing product from Tree Harvest, an ethical supplier of raw ingredients.

Where do you source your maple syrup from?

The maple syrup we use is the pure maple syrup, a natural sweetener, made from the concentrated juice which is extracted from the maple tree in springtime. The syrup comes from the maple trees found in the northeast United States and in the eastern provinces of Canada, which produce juice that is sweet enough to be used in a concentrated form for pure maple syrup.  We source this amazing product from Tree Harvest, an ethical supplier of raw ingredients.


Our shop

How do I add a gift note?

The main place you can add a gift message is when you view your basket. In the bottom left hand corner there is a space for you to type your message in. 

Alternatively some products have been combined to form a gift, for example our Mother's Day gift selection. The gift message for these may be added when you add the product to your basket.

Can I pay by PayPal?


Currently we do not accept PayPal. As a new small business wishing to provide amazing quality products at a reasonable price, we wish to keep the costs to a minimum and PayPal transactions fees are very expensive compared to our current method of receiving payment. 

Can I buy your products through Amazon?​

We have chosen not to sell through Amazon as present.

Can I buy your chocolate truffles from a shop?

We (small family!) are working hard to place our products in retail shops. If you are able to recommend a local shop to you, we would more than gladly contact them. As shops begin to stock our products, we will publish them on our website, Facebook and Instagram.